Information for Classes for: 6th to 12th CBSE

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  1. HOW TO SCORE higher marks in Exams

Good learning habits should be embedded among students so that they score more marks in exams. All students need to follow following to get best out of them:

1-Absorb Knowledge Efficiently. 2- Work Hard.  3-Keep Healthy. 4-Bring best out of you in exam.

1-Absorb Knowledge Efficiently:
Attend each class wherever you study. All the lectures are professionally designed and delivered.
Pay full attention in the class. Don’t let your mind wander.
Clear your doubts in class when the topic is being taught. Don’t wait for exams to come.
Take good notes. Keep your notes well organized. Mark what you feel is important.
Clear your concepts. It will help you to solve questions of any difficulty level.
Make at least one revision daily at home whatever you learn at institute.
Do practice tests. Practice solved and unsolved exercises from recommended books.
Do your homework, assignments, suggested at-home readings.
Stick to NCERT and CBSE books for basic concepts.

2-Work Hard:
Believe in yourself and work hard, rest will fall into place.
Study frequently. Study old and new material every day.
Study according to your learning style e.g. writing a lot / keep walking / with music etc.
Take small breaks 5 to 10 minutes. Do not fill your brain with more information from TV / net etc.
Learn and write. Write again and again to check, if you still remember.
Practice a variety of questions from different topics to gain speed.
Revise all the formulae and important topics often.
Practice questions from previous year papers, sample papers and model papers.

3-Keep Healthy:
Eat right. Eat healthy. Take good breakfast. Take fruits and green vegetables.
Sleep well. Take right amount of sleep.
Drink lot of water. Stay hydrated. Keep water bottle with you in exam also.
Do a little physical activity brisk walking, exercise etc.
Do not medicate yourself, consult doctor if not well.

4-Bring best out of you in exam:
Give exam with full attention. Don’t let your mind wander.
Pay full attention to questions, read questions correctly.
Have all necessary supplies pens, pencils etc.
As the test starts, write down important formulas which you may forget later.
Do the problems you know first, then move to questions you are not very sure about.
Keep track of the time. Keep some time to check back.
Make sure all the graphical representations are neat.
Read the paper thoroughly in the allotted 15 minutes before the exam starts and wisely select the internal choices you wish to make.Type your paragraph here.